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Paying for daycare after divorce

Divorce impacts all areas of a person's life in Stockton, often leaving them worrying about the future. This is especially true for those parents that were not the primary income earners in their marital homes. It may take quite a while (combined with continued education and/or training) to get them back in position where they can secure gainful employment. Receiving such training and education (as well as fulfilling the requirements of a job) becomes more difficult if one is also a custodial parent whose children require supervision during regular working hours. 

What is joint legal custody?

If you are a parent planning a divorce in California, you probably already know that you, your spouse and potentially the court will face many decisions regarding the lives of your children after the dissolution of your marriage. You may experience some confusion over the legal terminology involved, especially terms that can have more than one meaning, such as "custody." 

Does your child's age matter if you are getting a divorce?

If you and your spouse are looking to get divorced in California, you may be overwhelmed with thoughts of how this dramatic relationship change will affect your child's well-being. Will he or she struggle to form healthy relationships in the future? Will your relationship with him or her struggle? Will you be required to share your child with your former spouse even during times when you wish to be spending time with him or her? 

Involving your ex-spouse in your relocation

It is not unreasonable to think that following your divorce, you may want to move from Stockton to a new area. If you have custody of your children, then you would likely want them to accompany you on such a move. Many that have come to us here at San Joaquin Family Law share the same desire, yet they quickly discover that doing so can be difficult in terms of managing their custody arrangements. It is for this reason that you should involve your ex-spouse in any planning that involves moving with your children. 

Former reality TV star and ex maintaining civility during divorce

In contentious marriages, the line between love and hate can be razor thin. That may be why it is seemingly so difficult for many Stockton to believe that such a thing as an amicable split is possible. A great of emotion may go into making a marriage work; and equally significant amount may go into ending one. Because of this abundance of emotion felt between a divorcing couple (both good and bad), it may indeed be unrealistic to expect them to get along smoothly in the immediate aftermath of their separation (even though doing so is undoubtedly in the best interests of their children). 

Defining "best interests of the child"

California parents going through divorce know all too well that planning a new routine for children involved is no easy task. For one, there are potential new school zones and living situations. There also comes the challenge of determining the best possible plan for younger family members. The term "best interests of the child" is common, but what, exactly, does it entail?

Child custody: current challenges and solutions

Because divorce can affect people in a number of complex ways, the process that follows can vary from situation to situation. For some California residents, paperwork may be the extent of the obstacles; for others, children are the main focus. As with any divorce where children are involved, maintaining structure as closely as possible is key. However, arranging a new schedule -- and potentially new living space -- for children can present its own set of challenges.

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