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Domestic violence is taken very seriously in California and the proceedings are similar to criminal proceedings. Our experience in criminal cases has produced very good results for our clients. When a spouse, child or romantic partner seeks protection from someone who is physically or emotionally abusing them, the courts take very quick action toward establishing boundaries to help the abused individual remain safe.

In many family law cases, there are often signs that may indicate abuse is present. One or both of the parties may make allegations of violence, which can change the entire proceedings. Whether you are alleging that some type of abuse has taken place or need help defending against these accusations, we can help.

The lawyers at San Joaquin Family Law have provided comprehensive representation in cases where domestic violence is either present or alleged. Our attorneys understand the precise issues that need to be analyzed, and help you understand the exact impact that this will have upon your case.

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In many domestic violence matters, one of the parties will seek to have a restraining order put in place. These orders prohibit physical or electronic contact between two people. These orders can be temporary or permanent, and can address specific behaviors or ban in-person presence. If a person violates the order, he or she can be arrested and jailed for his or her acts.

The courts will hold hearings to determine if a no-contact or restraining order should be granted. For those seeking an order, this is your chance to say why your specific concerns should lead to protection. Those contesting an order need to be able to present a compelling defense against these allegations.

Our goal when we meet with you is to be as honest as possible. We examine your case from all sides and tell you what we can do to help you stay safe or protect your rights. Once we have decided together on the best approach to take for you, we immediately get started on obtaining your restraining order or building your defense.

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Do not try to take on these issues without the help of an experienced attorney. Our team will help you understand what you must do to protect your rights and your family. Call 209-478-2700 today or send us an email to arrange your free half-hour consultation. Our offices are located in downtown Stockton, near the courthouse.