Assisting With All Issues Arising In Your Divorce

Divorce is perhaps the most intensely personal legal issue that you may ever face. This is a moment in time where you will look back and see exactly how much things have changed for you. You want to be able to come out of this in a positive place, so you have to think very carefully about the critical decisions in front of you as your divorce moves forward.

San Joaquin Family Law is here to help you make the right choices for your future. Our attorneys are committed to helping you find cost-efficient solutions to outstanding issues in your divorce. With our experienced assistance and guidance, you can be certain that you are doing everything possible to emerge from this divorce a better person in a better place.

Helping You Find The Right Path Forward

You might know friends who have gone through a bitter divorce and they may be giving you advice based upon their experience; however, the advice of friends and family all too often produces results that are detrimental to your case. Each and every family law case is different.

In some circumstances, reducing the conflict in your case might actually help you obtain a better result. In other cases, standing up for yourself is the best way to reduce future conflict.

Our attorneys work with you to find the approach that is best for your case. We address all of the complicated matters that must be resolved before your divorce is final, including:

  • Devising property division solutions that divide you and your spouse’s assets and debts
  • Helping you and your co-parent determine a custody and parenting time arrangement that allows you to maintain your family
  • Discussing both child and spousal support (alimony) payments, if necessary in your case
  • Modifying previous custody and support orders after a significant change in circumstances

We try to make this a better experience for you, but we understand that sometimes there are going to be people who refuse to meet in the middle. If your spouse is going to insist upon taking your case to court, we welcome the opportunity to present your side of the story. We are aggressive trial lawyers who are more than prepared to represent you in any hearings or trials connected to your case.

Take The Time To Get Things Right In Your Divorce

Talk to our lawyers before you make any agreements with your spouse. To schedule your free half-hour consultation, call our office at 209-478-2700 or send us an email. Our office is located in downtown Stockton, close to the courthouse.