Resolving Questions Concerning Child Support

A divorce or end of a relationship can have a significant financial impact upon the individuals involved. The parties may go from two incomes down to one, and it can make it much more difficult for them to be able to make ends meet with less financial resources. If the couple has children together, it is likely that one of the parents will be responsible for paying some amount of support in order to lessen the financial impact of the split on the children.

The lawyers at San Joaquin Family Law are here to help you navigate the child support process. We have helped many couples with the initial determination of support awards as well as the revision of prior support orders. Our attorneys will carefully explain how the process works, and immediately take action to protect your interests.

Understanding California’s Child Support Guidelines

The current laws determine support obligations by examining the income of the parties as well as the custody plan the parents have in place. There are situations where some parents may try to avoid their responsibilities by underreporting their income, which then reduces the amount of support that is to be awarded.

Our attorneys will do everything that we can to ensure that all income is being accounted for when support orders are being determined. We review your case thoroughly, and assist with all issues that may arise, including:

  • Discussing uninsured medical costs, expenses for extracurricular activities and health insurance coverage for the child, and dividing those expenses accordingly
  • Using the guidelines to come up with the proper support payments in each case
  • Helping parents modify existing child support payments after a significant change in circumstances

Whether you are looking to obtain support or are contesting the claim of your co-parent, our lawyers can help. When we sit down to discuss your case with you, we give you an honest assessment of what we believe we can do to help. We work very hard to achieve your goals in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Let Us Be Your Advocate

If you would like to talk to us in a free, half-hour consultation about the issues present in your custody case, please call our office at 209-478-2700 or send us an email. We are located in downtown Stockton, close to the courthouse.