Working Toward A Lasting Custody Agreement

Your children mean so much to you. You cannot imagine being apart from them for any length of time. But, when you find yourself headed toward divorce, you know that your entire situation is going to change. You will not always be under the same roof as your kids. You will have to make difficult choices about child custody and parenting time, and it is essential that you have an experienced legal team to help you throughout your case.

The attorneys at San Joaquin Family Law have worked with many people who have found themselves in similar situations. We have a long history of creating successful strategies that help clients find solutions in custody and visitation cases.

A Comprehensive Analysis Of Your Case

When judges in California cases make decisions on custody matters, they issue a decision that they feel is in the child’s best interests. Our goal is to resolve your case before the courts become involved. We are committed to building a comprehensive strategy that puts a strong plan in place for you and your co-parent. There are many issues that we will address during your custody dispute, including:

  • Will each parent be allowed to participate in decision-making regarding the child’s health care, education, extracurricular activities and other important matters
  • Where the child will spend his or her time, and the amount of time each parent will get with the child as part of the parenting time plan
  • What will happen in the event that the parents have a disagreement over certain issues
  • What is likely to happen if the case ends up going to court
  • Will a parent be allowed to move to a different city or state with the child

There are many family law firms who will sit down with you to discuss your custody case and make promises that they simply could never keep. We do not feel it is in your best interests to talk to us and have us say exactly what you want to hear. It is our job to fix your problem to the best of our ability, while limiting the costs and stress that you may experience throughout the process.

Concerned About The Future Of Your Child

We will do whatever is necessary to protect the best interests of your child throughout your custody case. To arrange your free, half-hour consultation with our lawyers, please call our office at 209-478-2700 or send us an email. Our office is located in downtown Stockton, one block away from the courthouse.