Protecting You From Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Crimes where domestic violence is alleged carry stricter punishment than similar conduct where the suspect has no connection to the victim. If you have been charged with a crime arising out of a domestic incident, you need a trustworthy advocate to defend your rights.

San Joaquin Family Law offers dedicated representation to help you avoid unfair treatment from prosecutors and police. We understand that disputes involving loved ones can be complicated. Our diligent criminal defense attorneys commit to investigating your case fully so that no important details are overlooked in court.

The Advice You Need When Charged With Domestic Abuse

In domestic violence cases, abuse may include any verbal mistreatment that places someone in reasonable apprehension of serious bodily injury. Domestic violence charges can be brought when the purported victim and the suspect are, or previously were, married, dating, co-habitants or co-parents. Acts of violence can include:

  • Verbal abuse, which may threaten physical harm or disrupt a person emotionally (such as telling a person he or she is worthless, for example)
  • Physical abuse, where a person is actually physically harmed
  • Violations of a previous no-contact order
  • Stalking a former spouse or romantic partner

Stalking is a distinct crime that does not require physical contact. It can include both in-person conduct and other types of communications, including phone calls, texts and online messages. Even if the person does not intend to carry out the threat, he can be found guilty of stalking if he engages in malicious harassment or follows someone repeatedly. Stalking can be punished as either a felony or a misdemeanor, so if you’ve been accused of this crime, our lawyers can provide the strong defense you need.

Let Us Be Your Advocate

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