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How does divorce impact teenagers?

If you are like most parents in California who get divorced, the impact of this change on your children will be among the biggest concerns you have at this time. Every child and every divorce is unique so there may be no way to fully predict how your children will react to the divorce but there are some guidelines you can be aware of based on the age and emotional development of your children. 

Avoid being a Disneyland parent

There is little question that one of the biggest challenges you will face following your divorce in Stockton is not living under the same roof as your kids every day. Being away from them while they are with your ex-spouse can cause you to feel as though your relationship with them is deteriorating. Thus, you will likely want to maximize every minute that you have with them. Many clients as us here at San Joaquin Family Law how they might do this. While we certainly do not claim to be family relationship experts, our experience has shown us certain types of behaviors to avoid. 

What are some challenges in co-parenting from different states?

If you are no longer with your child's other parent, then you have to learn how to co-parent from different households. This can be challenging, but it is made even more difficult when the other parent moves out of California and you have to co-parent from different states. While this is a less than ideal situation, you must learn how to deal with it and make the situation the best possible for your child.

Working through visitation issues

Many who are unfamiliar with divorce simply do not understand the obstacles that can appear throughout the process. In addition to this stress, California parents usually must map a child custody and visitation plan for children. Although each situation is unique, there are many different ways of viewing solutions for visitation disagreements. 

Online sites help with co-parenting

Nobody expects divorce to be pleasant, but it doesn't have to be an ongoing war either. Nobody walks away whole in situations like that, including the children. If you have decided to divorce, the legal team at San Joaquin Family Law understands what a tough choice it was and the difficulties you still face. We have helped many clients through this painful and frustrating process, and we have some resources that can help make it easier to co-parent as you move forward.

Disagreeing on parenting after a separation

As if a divorce were not hard enough on its own, disagreements over parenting can seem to magnify the stress of the entire situation. California parents currently working through a such a disruption in normal family life understand the difficulty that often arises at this point in the separation. While ex-spouses may never completely agree on certain aspects of child rearing, discipline or parenting time as a whole, there are ways to navigate the process with a little more ease.

Understanding parenting time

Each family member can cope with divorce in unique ways. For this reason, any children involved may require additional time and support during the separation. On top of this challenge, parents often disagree over details of a child custody plan. What can California families going through divorce learn about determining parenting time, and how can they navigate disputes that might occur as a result? 

Untangling a visitation battle

With all of the baggage that can come with a divorce, stumbling upon an issue with visitation rights can only add to the long list of stressors. Although a large majority of divorcing parents opt for a court ruling or manage to determine a custody plan, countless Californians nevertheless struggle to find a balanced schedule for everyone involved.

Think you will never be able to co-parent? Think again

If you think about how you want your relationship with your soon-to-be ex will be after your divorce compared to how it is right now, chances are that you may be thinking that there is no way on earth that it will be amicable and productive. After all, the emotional scars may still be fresh and you may believe that he or she is so arrogant and self-centered that reasoning with them is all but impossible.

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