Children in California are often affected by the divorce of their parents. Even when the divorce is amicable and the parents remain friendly, children often feel unsettled and sad because of the changes that are happening. From a new home to an entirely new city, all kinds of changes can affect your kids when you divorce, but there are ways to keep the damage to a minimum.

According to HelpGuide, one way to protect your children comes early, when you announce the impending divorce to them. When this happens, it is important that you tell the child the truth but keep the reasons for divorce simple and honest. Remind them that even though you and your spouse may not stay together it does not change the fact that the child is loved by both parents.

Address any changes that your child will face before they can ask them. Discuss the things that will stay the same so they can celebrate the familiar and consistent, but also prepare them for big changes.

Although divorcing couples may not get along with each other, it is important that they present a united front for the children. Try to focus on the things you agree on rather than the things you disagree on. Plan the conversation with each other before you present it to your child and do your best to make sure both parents are there. Even when the divorce is messy and parents are angry, it is important that you are respectful to each other. It can confuse the child if you are speaking negatively about a parent that they still love.

This information is intended for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice.