A healthy marriage involves trust from both sides. That’s why suspicions of infidelity are so damaging to couples in California. While every person is different, there are some common signs that your partner may be leading a double life. Psychology Today explains what to look for if you think your spouse is cheating.

Secretive behavior

Some people value their privacy a great deal. However, keeping secrets in a marriage is rarely a good sign, especially when changes seem to occur suddenly. A spouse that password-protects his or her phone, or deletes browser history on a frequent basis, could be cause for alarm. The same can be said of a person who keeps their phone close by in all situations, even the bathroom. While this doesn’t always indicate an issue, it can be concerning when coupled with other factors.

Unexplained hostility

A cheating partner may also be increasingly hostile for no real reason. The spouse may criticize his or her partner harshly or find fault with behaviors that were never an issue before. This could be a means of pushing away the partner out of guilt or placing blame on that person for causing the infidelity. Unfaithful spouses may also become uncomfortable with both physical and emotional intimacy while the affair is ongoing.

Odd behavior from loved ones

Friends and family often know about an affair before the spouse becomes aware. This can lead to odd behavior, including avoiding the person being cheated on. Loved ones may also be overly nice to the person out of sympathy or try to avoid talking about you and your spouse whenever the topic comes up. You might also notice that your spouse is no longer using social media as much or at all. This could be a sign that he or she is attempting to hide the affair.