Divorce impacts all areas of a person’s life in Stockton, often leaving them worrying about the future. This is especially true for those parents that were not the primary income earners in their marital homes. It may take quite a while (combined with continued education and/or training) to get them back in position where they can secure gainful employment. Receiving such training and education (as well as fulfilling the requirements of a job) becomes more difficult if one is also a custodial parent whose children require supervision during regular working hours. 

Some might say that one in such a situation has no choice but to find daycare for their kids. Such services, however, can be costly. Indeed, information shared by The Sacramento Bee shows that the average annual cost of daycare in San Joaquin County is between $12,000-$13,000. Many divorced parents cannot afford such an expense on their own, which leaves countless questioning whose responsibility it is to pay for it. 

Ultimately, the responsibility lies with both parents. Yet in the event the custodial parent cannot immediately find a job that offers an income substantial enough to afford their portion of daycare costs, the burden can be shifted to the non-custodial parent. Section 4062 of California’s Family Code lists requiring child care in order to take vocational training as one of the few scenarios in which state courts will consider awarding additional child support expenses. These would be in addition to the standard monthly child support amount awarded using the state’s determination formula. One should keep in mind, however, that mandating that a noncustodial pay extra for child support also empowers that party to have a say in the daycare center that will be supervising their child.