Negotiating a custody agreement during a divorce is oftentimes the most difficult step. It’s normal to feel anxious about sacrificing time with your child or about taking on full responsibility for him or her without help.

Attending a co-parenting class can help you and your ex-spouse determine a parenting plan and prepare to raise your child apart.

What does a class do to help?

Co-parenting courses can help separating parents learn how to work together in the interest of their child. This may help parents reconcile their differences in order to establish a custody arrangement. The course also helps parents build structure and expectations for the transition following their divorce.

A few of the concepts and skills that are typically covered in co-parenting courses include:

  • Emotional, social and educational needs of children after divorce or separation
  • How to cope with the stresses of transition
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Financial responsibilities to children
  • How to adjust to stepfamilies
  • Efficient scheduling tactics

Courses may be offered online or in person.

What courses are available?

California courts recommend a number of co-parenting classes, including:

Other options

Divorce proceedings can be overwhelming. If working through a parenting plan is the tip of the iceberg, you may also consider working through these issues using the divorce mediation process.

Mediation sessions use the help of an objective third party to guide you and your ex-spouse through negotiations is a fair, efficient way.

No matter which option you choose, an experienced attorney can help take the stress away from making these big decisions by offering legal advice the way.