Many who are unfamiliar with divorce simply do not understand the obstacles that can appear throughout the process. In addition to this stress, California parents usually must map a child custody and visitation plan for children. Although each situation is unique, there are many different ways of viewing solutions for visitation disagreements. 

VeryWell Family understands the toll divorce can take on families, reminding readers that visitation issues are highly common. First, the family resource makes clear that child custody and child support generally fall into two distinct categories: child custody involves a parent’s obligation to provide care, while custody prioritizes the best interests of the child. Again, each situation may come with different results, but VeryWell states that courts usually strive to maintain family balance and parenting time. 

One major issue that affects countless Californians involves visitation no-shows. As VeryWell states, parents may choose to take legal action against those who fail to keep visitation agreements. Parents may also attempt to communicate with exes to potentially revise a visitation schedule.

The California Courts’ website informs the public that parents who cannot reach an agreement regarding a child’s schedule may allow the courts to decide. Also known as “time-share,” visitation orders in the state of California fall under four general categories: scheduled visitation, reasonable visitation, supervised visitation or no visitation plan at all. The Courts note that visitation according to schedule can be beneficial in many ways, as it enforces a routine. Reasonable visitation plans, on the other hand, can be open-ended and do not always include details. If a child’s safety is a concern, supervised visitation may be the best option; opting to forego visitation plans altogether may be ideal when the visitation could harm the child in some way. Each plan is different — and the process is not always easy — but the prioritizing of family balance can help maintain the peace.