Typically, a California court will consider all the assets you own when making decisions on the separating of property during a divorce. This could leave you in a bad position if you have to split your assets with a soon-to-be-ex-spouse. While there are many ways you can illegally protect your assets, there are some legal ways to do so. Trying to hide assets is a crime, so it helps to learn legal ways to protect the things you own.

According to Kiplinger, one asset you may be able to protect and keep 100 percent as your own is real estate that you owned before you were married. You would need to own it outright. You also would need to manage any upkeep out of only your income and not using intermingled income. In addition, only your name can be on the deed. Keeping the property completely separate can legally protect it in a divorce.

You may also be able to protect your inheritance. Again, the key is to keep it completely separate from your spouse and other marital assets. For example, if you receive money, do not put it in your joint bank account. In fact, you should not treat the money in the same way you treat funds you use for family expenses. The key is to not turn your inheritance into a marital asset. You could even put the inheritance into a trust to further protect it. This information is only for education and is not legal advice.