It is not unreasonable to think that following your divorce, you may want to move from Stockton to a new area. If you have custody of your children, then you would likely want them to accompany you on such a move. Many that have come to us here at San Joaquin Family Law share the same desire, yet they quickly discover that doing so can be difficult in terms of managing their custody arrangements. It is for this reason that you should involve your ex-spouse in any planning that involves moving with your children. 

Section 7501 of the California Family Code states that when you are awarded custody of your children, you have the right to determine where their residence will be. However, the same law also recognizes the court’s authority to restrain a move if it believes it is not in your children’s best interests. Yet proving that it is might be much easier of both you and your ex-spouse agree to it. 

Technically, the law only requires that you provide your ex-spouse with notice 30 days prior to you planning on moving away with the kids. You can imagine that his or her willingness to work with you might be significantly hindered if such a notice is the first time he or she learns on your intentions. Keeping him or her in the loop throughout the process allows you to explain your reasons for leaving and for him or her to come to grips with it. It also allows for more time for the two of you to come up with an amended custody arrangement that makes it possible for him or her maintain consistent contact with the kids. 

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