In contentious marriages, the line between love and hate can be razor thin. That may be why it is seemingly so difficult for many Stockton to believe that such a thing as an amicable split is possible. A great of emotion may go into making a marriage work; and equally significant amount may go into ending one. Because of this abundance of emotion felt between a divorcing couple (both good and bad), it may indeed be unrealistic to expect them to get along smoothly in the immediate aftermath of their separation (even though doing so is undoubtedly in the best interests of their children). 

Perhaps this is the reason why so many seem shocked when a divorced couple seems to indeed be able to pull it off. Such shock is currently being experienced by those familiar with the story of a former reality TV star. The woman and her husband (the two have yet to finalize their divorce) have presented a rosy picture to observers of them working together to ensure that their children maintain steady parental influences. The pair has cited their kids as being the reason why they have maintained a friendly relationships and have agreed to keep their proceedings from turning hostile (even to the point of jointly agreeing to a 50/50 custody split). 

Is this true that moving on as a divorced family is an ongoing process, and that negative emotions can easily arise amongst those attempting to maintain a healthy relationship when dealing with custody matters. Still, the willingness of those attempting to come to amicable custody agreements during their divorce proceedings should be applauded. Those needing assistance in reaching such agreements with their soon-to-be exes may find it in the form of an experienced family law attorney.