Nobody expects divorce to be pleasant, but it doesn’t have to be an ongoing war either. Nobody walks away whole in situations like that, including the children. If you have decided to divorce, the legal team at San Joaquin Family Law understands what a tough choice it was and the difficulties you still face. We have helped many clients through this painful and frustrating process, and we have some resources that can help make it easier to co-parent as you move forward.

Psychology Today calls it the “good divorce” movement and lists some websites that can help. If yours is not quite a “good” divorce yet, consider the benefits of using these online tools. is a banking website that relieves the drama of making and receiving child-support payments. Its focus is to help call a halt to the monthly fights over money and more importantly, the effect it has on the children involved.

A long-established site for co-parenting is, which claims to be recommended by courts in every U.S. state. Some courts may mandate its use for squabbling ex-spouses. It features a tone meter, which warns you when you are using words that could start an argument, and includes several other features as well, such as a parenting schedule archive system for all your communications.

Another such site is Some of its features include the ability to create schedules for court showing custody plans, including those for holidays, and parenting time. Another feature is the ability to get a professional involved to help resolve arguments. Messages, agreements and more can also be saved here.

Parents of young children can take a look at a divorce “toolkit” from It is aimed at children ages 2 to 8 and includes a DVD with the Muppets, parent guide, child’s storybook and online webinars and discussion sessions.

These are just a few resources that may help you and your ex-spouse deal with the necessities of co-parenting when you aren’t getting along. To learn more about how San Joaquin Family Law can help you, visit our divorce services webpage.