About Our Team

San Joaquin Family Law, based in Stockton, is a law firm offering experienced representation in family law and criminal law matters. Our firm is led by our founding attorney, Jacob Loyal Benguerel, who has a long history of successfully resolving complex legal issues for our clients.

Jacob and the rest of our team appreciate how personal your case is for you. We also understand our role as a third party that can see the big picture due to the fact that we are not emotionally involved. You are looking for a law firm that understands you, and is willing to work together with you toward a common goal. Our lawyers take a fresh perspective in every case that we handle, because we know that the outcome of your case will have an impact on your life long after the issue has been resolved. To learn more about our backgrounds, please click on the links below.

A Client-Centered Approach To Each Case We Handle

We do things a little differently at our law firm. In so many California family law cases, things quickly turn into a long, drawn-out dispute that leaves both sides bitter and disappointed. People get bad advice that they use to make decisions that unnecessarily prolong their case at best.

We are not going to just tell you what you want to hear just to get your business. We approach each case from a very practical perspective — we think carefully and creatively about the best ways to achieve your specific goals.

In some cases, that may mean taking the path of least resistance, and working together with the opposing parties to reach a reasonable agreement in your divorce or custody dispute. In situations where a trial becomes unavoidable, we are extremely aggressive litigators inside the courtroom.

Let Us Be Your Advocate

We are dedicated to pursuing the best possible results in your case for a reasonable cost. To schedule your free, half-hour consultation with one of our attorneys, call our office at 209-478-2700 or send us an email.