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Attorneys Pursue Post-Divorce Modifications in Stockton and Manteca

Helping you adjust to significant changes in your circumstances

Your divorce may be permanent, but every term of your divorce order is not. It would be impossible for the court to anticipate every change in circumstance and include some contingency for it in that agreement. Children grow, parents change jobs, and life keeps happening. For those reasons, you inevitably must return to court for adjustments to your order. At San Joaquin Family Law, we help divorcees negotiate modifications with their ex-spouses to present to the court for approval. We also present and oppose motions in court if agreement is not possible or appropriate. When you choose San Joaquin Family Law as your advocate, you can trust us to advance your interests and to fight for your family.

Modifications of child support and alimony in Stockton and Manteca

The court will entertain motions for modifications to support orders if there has been a change in one party’s circumstances. This change could be economic hardship for the supporting spouse, an economic boon for the recipient spouse, or an unforeseen increase in expenses for either, including:

  • The supporting spouse becomes unemployed or must accept work at significantly less pay
  • The recipient spouse becomes self-sufficient ahead of schedule
  • A spouse experiences long-term illness or incapacity, incurs medical bills and is unable to earn an income
  • A child incurs expenses from illness or a diagnosis of special needs

You can seek to modify other aspects of your divorce order, including child custody and visitation, especially if you have evidence that your children are in danger when in your ex-spouse’s care. You generally cannot ask for a modification to the division of your marital property unless you uncover evidence of fraud.

A qualified attorney can help you with your post-divorce modifications

Ex-spouses who communicate well and cooperate often may feel they can avoid the expense of hiring an attorney and just work things out for themselves. Unfortunately, trouble often follows. Spouses who make informal agreements to reduce spousal support or child support don’t realize that the order remains in effect until the court changes it. So if they have a falling out, the recipient spouse can go to court and demand the full amount of unpaid support. It won’t do the supporting spouse any good to argue they had an agreement; the supporting spouse may still face contempt of court, wage garnishment and even jail time. You can save yourself hassle and heartache by consulting an attorney who will protect your rights.

See our family lawyers for post-divorce representation in Stockton and Manteca

Our family law attorneys negotiate cost-effective agreements, but fight when necessary to uphold your rights. To schedule a free initial consultation, call San Joaquin Family Law at 209.478.2700 or contact our office online.

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