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Stockton Guardianship Lawyers Help Secure Vulnerable Loved Ones

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At San Joaquin Family Law, we understand the urgency you feel when it comes to taking care of your children, stepchildren and grandchildren. We manage the legal processes for concerned adults wishing to establish safeguards for minors whose caretakers can no longer provide a safe and loving home. Guardians assume these duties with respect to a child:

  • To provide a home
  • To make decisions about education and activities
  • To provide medical, dental and psychological care
  • To grant permission for a minor child to get a driver license or enlist in the military
  • To provide input to the court regarding the parental visitation schedule (if the child has been removed from abusive or neglectful parents)

Petitioning for guardian status for the good of a neglected or abused child

Unfortunately, there are always cases in which a child has been abused or neglected and must be removed from the custodial parent or parents. If you are concerned about a potentially neglected child then you can go through the family court system to present yourself as a potential guardian. This is similar to a child custody hearing during a divorce. Our family law attorneys represent interested parties, especially noncustodial parents and grandparents, who want to provide a better home for a neglected or suffering child.

Helping parents challenge guardianships to reunite their families

Even the best intentioned outsiders are not always correct in their assessment that a child should be removed from a home. In some circumstances, removal is more traumatic for the child than for the family to remain intact as they work to solve their issues. That’s why we offer vigorous representation for parents opposing the establishment of a guardianship. When the court decides that removal is the best option, we continue to assert the rights of parents, helping them establish visitation during the period of the guardianship and to terminate the guardianship once they have met the court’s conditions.

What is the difference between a guardianship in California and an adoption?

A guardianship does not confer permanent rights or responsibilities to the guardian. If the parents are still alive, they retain parental rights and may regain custody of the child if the court deems it appropriate. Guardians are subject to court supervision. In an adoption, the birth parents’ rights are terminated once and for all. The adoptive parents assume all the rights and responsibilities of parents, as though the child had been born to them, and the child inherits from the adoptive parents as a natural child would. The court does not supervise adoptive parents.

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If your concern for a child has you wondering about guardianships, San Joaquin Family Law can help. We can assess your circumstances and the child’s situation to recommend a suitable course of action. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 209.478.2700 or contact our office online.

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