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Divorce Lawyers in Stockton and Manteca Fight for Your Best Outcome

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The decision to dissolve your marriage changes everything. How you manage that change helps determine whether you and your family are truly going to be better off. At San Joaquin Family Law, we’re determined to provide the legal assistance you need to meet your objectives for life after divorce.

Through mediation or litigation, our divorce law firm helps you obtain equitable results.

Choosing the best route for your California divorce settlement

California is a no-fault state, so a party petitioning for divorce does not have to allege wrongdoing. In fact, many spouses are able to file an uncontested divorce, which means they’ve worked out all the ancillary issues — distribution of assets, division of the marital home, alimony, child support payments and child custody rights — and have signed a marital settlement agreement to submit for court approval.

This is the most cost-effective approach, eliminating the need to appear in court and sparing you unnecessary time away from work, the airing of private matters in a public forum, and the risk of an adverse decision from the court. These are the ways you might arrive at a settlement:

  • Negotiation — With traditional negotiations, one or both parties may have an attorney. Talks are held until the parties agree on all ancillary issues, or until they agree they won’t reach a negotiated solution.
  • Mediation — With this alternative form of dispute resolution, spouses, along with their attorneys, meet with a mediator who attempts to guide them toward a mutually beneficial resolution of all ancillary issues. The attorneys prepare the parties for mediation sessions and review their progress afterward.
  • Collaboration —This cooperative process is sometimes appropriate for spouses who can communicate constructively. The spouses work together with attorneys to resolve all issues and lay the groundwork for co-parenting after the divorce.

With negotiation and mediation, you can arrive at a partial settlement, reserving contested matters for court. Collaborative divorce is all or nothing; the attorneys promise not to litigate the case, so if one spouse withdraws before reaching a complete settlement, the spouses must start over from the beginning.

Aggressive litigation of contested divorce issues in Stockton and Manteca

Our attorneys handle motions, hearings, and trials for contested issues in family court. You can rely on our familiarity with substantive divorce law and court procedure to safeguard your rights throughout the process. While we are candid and realistic about what is achievable in divorce litigation, we don’t take the line of least resistance simply to get a quick settlement. We ask you to pick your battles wisely, and then we fight them aggressively.

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In divorce negotiations and litigation, San Joaquin Family Law fights for your family. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 209.478.2700 or contact our office online. Our office is conveniently located one block from the courthouse in downtown Stockton.

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