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California Child Custody Attorneys Put Your Children First

Stockton lawyers find family solutions for your child's future

Child custody is one of the most difficult issues a parent faces during divorce. At San Joaquin Law, we are dedicated to protecting your rights to raise your child in a healthy, thriving environment. San Joaquin Law represents families in California in all aspects of child custody and visitation, including:

  • Primary and joint custody arrangements
  • Visitation rights
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Modification of custody and visitation orders
  • Enforcement of orders
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Decisions related to the child’s religion, education and upbringing

California child custody basics

Custody cases typically involve both physical and legal custody of a child. Legal custody deals with the decision-making rights related to educational, medical and other issues. Physical custody refers to the amount of time the child spends with each parent:

  • Sole physical custody — The child lives in one parent’s home with no or minimal visitation by the other parent.
  • Joint physical custody — The child lives with both parents, but not necessarily for equal amounts of time.
  • Primary physical custody — There is an unequal division of custodial time; the child resides in one parent’s home most of the time.

How physical custody is shared impacts child support payments.

Helping parents reach mutually beneficial, cost-effective agreements

Many custody cases begin with a petition for dissolution of marriage; however, we assist clients who have never been married and clients who have custody agreements involving interested third parties, such as grandparents, stepparents and same-sex partners.

The parties can handle custody issues out of court by stipulation or in court through mediation or trial. Stipulation is the most cost-effective approach. We have a great record of resolving cases through stipulation, saving our clients money and lessening the burden of taking time off from work and the stress of having to air private matters in a public forum. Stipulations also eliminate the risk of an adverse court decision.

If parents cannot reach a stipulation, the court assigns a mediator. We will be by your side through the mediation process and will help guide you through an effective approach to mediate your custody issue. If mediation does not produce an agreement, the court generally accepts the mediator’s recommendation on a temporary basis. Though a disappointed party may try the matter in court, the high cost often makes trial unrealistic. That is why, even though many parents and attorneys take the process lightly, mediation is frequently the most important part of any custody dispute.

Fighting for your children as if they were our own

We’re straightforward with our clients and try to set proper expectations, but we also try to avoid saying “That’s just the way it is.” While an attorney must be realistic and not squander a client’s finances on impossible court battles, too many lawyers become complacent with soft injustice. We’re determined to look for creative solutions that allow us to obtain the results our clients desire.

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