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Stockton Law Firm Works on Juvenile Delinquency Defense

Lawyers with unique experience aiding children charged with crimes

Parents of children accused of criminal conduct have valid concerns about both the immediate consequences and the long-term effects of those charges on their children’s lives. San Joaquin Family Law attorney Jacob Benguerel’s background as a truancy and juvenile detention officer affords his clients an inside knowledge and perspective that they cannot get from other lawyers. We have a strong reputation in the community for tailoring our work to each family’s unique needs. Our attorneys will work not only to deliver a strong defense, but, where necessary, to use our knowledge of various sanctions to strive for an appropriate resolution.  

Helping families through each step of the juvenile justice system

If a minor is accused of an adult offense, the district attorney issues a 602 petition. This differs from a 601 petition, which addresses types of misconduct such as truancy or running away from home that are applicable only to children. If you have received a petition, we can guide you through the juvenile justice process, which includes:

  • Detention hearing — This is the initial hearing occurring within a few days of the child’s entry into a juvenile detention facility. At this session, the judge determines if the minor can return home until the case’s resolution.
  • Jurisdiction hearing — If a resolution cannot be reached prior to the trial, a judge conducts a hearing and determines if the child committed the offense they are being accused of.
  • Disposition hearing — When the judge rules that the juvenile did commit the crime, this determines what punishment will occur. The order might mandate probation, community service, counseling or time in a juvenile detention facility.

Our attorneys use all of their knowledge of the system to help you avoid unpleasant surprises and allow your child to resolve their issues in an appropriate way.

Knowledgeable counsel representing minors for a full range of offenses

San Joaquin Family Law provides strong defense for your child against any criminal charge, including these crimes often associated with juveniles:

  • Drug offenses — We will work with the juvenile courts to seek a disposition that focuses on treatment and counseling rather than punitive measures.
  • Shoplifting — Generally, penalties for juveniles caught shoplifting from a retail store do not include detention, but more often require restitution and perhaps probation.
  • Assault and battery — Our investigative skills and background working with adolescents help us to investigate cases thoroughly and root out extenuating circumstances that aid our clients’ defense.
  • Theft crimes — Offenses such as theft, burglary and robbery carry widely varying punishments based on the amount taken and the force used, if any. We take the time to evaluate each piece of evidence to put your child in the best possible position for the hearing.
  • Vandalism — Malicious mischief such as graffiti or property destruction is a misdemeanor if the damage is less than $400 and a felony if greater. Restitution can also be required from a minor and their parents to repair the damage.

Our attorneys are committed to helping juveniles to thrive by securing fair treatment and assisting with expungement of childhood offenses when the time comes.

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San Joaquin Family Law assists families throughout the county when minor children have been charged with a crime. Call 209.478.2700 or contact us online for a free initial consultation in our Stockton office.

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