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Stockton Attorneys Represent Clients Accused of Domestic Violence

Experienced lawyers securing legal rights when abuse is alleged

Crimes where domestic violence is alleged carry stricter punishment than similar conduct where the suspect has no connection to the victim. If you have been charged with a crime arising out of a domestic incident, you need a trustworthy advocate to defend your rights. San Joaquin Family Law offers dedicated representation to help you avoid unfair treatment from prosecutors and police. We understand that disputes involving loved ones can be complicated. Our diligent attorneys commit to investigating your case fully so that no important details are overlooked in court.

Knowledgeable advice for those charged with physical harm

Domestic violence charges can be brought when the purported victim and the suspect are, or previously were, married, dating, co-habitants or co-parents. Violence perpetrated against children or other relatives can also fall under the domestic violence statute. Added sanctions for cases involving domestic violence include:

  • Battery — The illegal use of force against someone typically carries a maximum jail sentence of six months, but this can be extended to one year if the victim is in one of the defined relationships with the defendant.
  • Corporal injury on an intimate partner — This statute requires an intentional physical injury that causes a traumatic condition in the victim. It can be tried as either a misdemeanor or a felony with a maximum four-year sentence for a first offense.
  • Restraining and protective orders — Courts can issue orders preventing physical contact and communications between parties and/or directing law enforcement to protect the victim.

In your free initial consultation, the attorneys at San Joaquin Family Law can discuss your individual circumstances and the potential consequences you face if convicted.

Criminal harassment such as verbal abuse or threatening calls

In domestic violence cases, abuse may include any verbal mistreatment that places someone in reasonable apprehension of serious bodily injury. Stalking is a distinct crime that does not require physical contact. It can include both in-person conduct and other types of communications, including phone calls, texts and online messages. Even if the person does not intend to carry out the threat, he can be found guilty of stalking if he engages in malicious harassment or follows someone repeatedly. Stalking can be punished as either a felony or a misdemeanor, so if you’ve been accused of this crime, our lawyers can provide the strong defense you need.

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