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Unlike attorneys who practice in multiple areas of law, we almost exclusively handle family law matters. We understand what our clients are going through and know how to help.

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"I am happy with the results that your office has gotten for me, you faced a lot of trying moments during this case, yet you kept the belief that what is right shall prevail."

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The family law attorneys in our office bring a powerful combination of education, legal skill and career experience to the representation of our clients.

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Trustworthy Family Law Attorneys Serve Stockton and Manteca

Responsive legal team pursues cost-effective solutions

At San Joaquin Family Law, we understand that your family crisis is different simply because it’s yours. That’s why we try to be a different kind of law firm. We speak candidly, laying everything on the line. You tell us the outcome you want, and we will give you an honest assessment of your case and tell you what it will take to get favorable results. While we cannot guarantee specific results, we do promise that we will not take the path of least resistance simply because it is just “the way these things are always done.” We practice family law according to what must be done at this particular time given your unique circumstances. When you retain our legal team at San Joaquin Family Law, you get:

  • Energy and conviction in pursuit of real solutions
  • Responsive, focused legal services
  • Reasonable rates without expensive add-ons

If you want a law firm that’s willing to fight, we’ll fight for your family.

Focused knowledge drives family law solutions

Family law is the core practice area for our firm. Our daily interaction with the family court staff, divorce attorneys and family court judges immerses us in substantive family law and court procedure. While our attorneys are trained by local attorneys and judges, we also stay current on developments in California family law by pursuing continuing legal education credits for issues relevant to our family law clients, such as marital property division, alimony, child support and child custody. We take time to prepare for each court appearance to give us the best chance of obtaining a positive result and eliminating the need for subsequent filings and additional hearings.

Outstanding client service delivers favorable results

Our goal in every divorce and family law case is to provide the best result possible at a reasonable cost to our client. At San Joaquin Family Law, clients receive personal attention throughout their cases. We are accessible and responsive, returning calls and emails and answering questions promptly. Our office is just one block from the courthouse in downtown Stockton, so we can file promptly when necessary. We assign your case to an attorney and a specific staff member to ensure there’s always someone available who has detailed knowledge of your case. San Joaquin Family Law also offers a free initial consultation to give you an opportunity to meet our attorneys and determine whether we are the proper fit for your needs.

Contact a dedicated and responsive family law firm in Stockton and Manteca

If you want a family law firm with the energy and conviction to fight for your family, come to San Joaquin Family Law. Our office is just one block from the courthouse in downtown Stockton. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 209.478.2700 or contact our office online.

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